Active Schools Fundraising

Schools can be the heart of health if they have the right wellness resources and funds in place. Active Schools Fundraising offers a healthy, easy fundraising option for your school group that is centered-around physical activity AND helps your school and community create a healthy environment. 

Active Schools Fundraising

Active School Fundraising provides the online platform where you create a school group/program team page and personalized student or family fundraising pages. You set your goal, then customize your page and select emails to send to friends and family – and before you know it you have one step further in creating a healthy, active school! 

Did you know? Families and school groups can raise, on average, three times more money using online fundraising.

There are no start fees or selection process - any school can easily start to raise money in a healthy, active way. Active Schools Fundraising is available to any K-12 school, public or private, and is also open to afterschool programs and sports booster clubs.

Please note that this promotion does not constitute or imply endorsement by the Federal Government of any product or service of the Safe Routes to School National Partnership.