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Explore case studies, reports, evaluations, and more resources that can help you start a Safe Routes to School program or improve existing programs to get more students walking and bicycling to school safely.

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July 20, 2017

Attend this webinar to learn about our newest individual Shared Use Ambassadors, and how they improve physical activity opportunities in communities through policy, programs and community engagement.  

Fact Sheets

installing paint lines

Pop-up Safe Routes to School projects such as temporary crosswalks, curb extensions, and roundabouts to show how easy it is to make changes that make it safer and more inviting for kids to walk and bicycle to school.

Reports, Evaluations, and Toolkits


This toolkit contains information on building and sustaining a Safe Routes to School task force, structuring and sustaining a paid Safe Routes to School coordinator position, adopting Safe Routes to School policies, and more.

Case Studies

These new resources tell the stories of state- and local-level campaign wins for active transportation funding, Safe Routes to School, Complete Streets, shared use, and environmental justice policies. 

Model Policies

workbook cover

This interactive tool is designed to help school board members, administrators, families of students, and community members create and implement district policies that support active transportation and Safe Routes to School programs. 


This curriculum was developed to be used in physcial education classes for all grades in Arkansas. The curriculum is aimed at rural communities and includes outlines of different lessons, activities, and all of the materials a teacher would need to implement bicycle and pedstrian safety education.