Examples of How We Help

Bringing ideas, policy expertise, and campaign know-how, we have worked with dozens of communities to translate goals into action.  We have addressed challenges, provided trainings, developed policies, plans, and resources, and delivered solutions.

Descriptions of our workshops and trainings are available in the Safe Routes Learning Center: Workshop and Training Catalog.

Evansville, Indiana

We provided a policy workshop to inspire and galvanize local leaders. Working with local advocates, we helped establish a comprehensive Safe Routes to School policy at the school.

Portland, Oregon

We worked with local leaders and a technical advisory committee to finalize a comprehensive citywide Safe Routes to School policy to guide their nationally-recognized program into the future. Portland’s Safe Routes to School program has increased walking and bicycling to 40 percent of the mode-share at more than 80 participating schools. 

Rural Cumberland Valley, Kentucky

We supported Spread the Health Appalachia in achieving shared use agreements at local schools, ensuring that residents with high rates of chronic disease can access physical activity opportunities including a cross country trail for walking or running through the beautiful Appalachia hills, an outdoor track and a softball/baseball field, and play spaces. 

Santa Clara County, California

We worked with more than 100 elected officials, agency staff and advocates over the course of two days to inspire them to work together and move forward with policy change and community-level programs that support Safe Routes to School.

Kauai, Hawaii

We worked with local leaders to develop a countywide team and school task forces for Safe Routes to School. We collaborated with local leaders on state advocacy, which resulted in the governor of Hawaii committing to spending the $7.1 million of federal Safe Routes to School funding that had been previously unspent.


We developed resources to assist rural health departments and community members in working successfully with school decision makers such as principals and schools boards on Safe Routes to School strategies.

Denver, Colorado

We reviewed school district and city and county policies to assess their support for Safe Routes to School, developing a detailed overview of the current policy landscape for Safe Routes to School in Denver and identifying promising opportunities for updating and improving the commitment to Safe Routes to School.

Our consulting can help you make change in your community.


Michelle Lieberman
Consulting & Program Support Director