#MoveEquity Tweetchat: Equity and Transportation

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Low-income people and people of color are more likely to walk or bicycle than people in more affluent communities, but low-income communities are less likely to have infrastructure that makes it safe and convenient to bike and walk – such as sidewalks, bike paths, street lighting, and crosswalks.

Additionally, the rate of childhood obesity has increased four-fold over the past forty years, and rates of physical inactivity and obesity are disproportionately high among Latino and African American youth. Such health inequities in low-income communities stem from a lack of access to physical activity opportunities such as parks, sidewalks, and bicycle lanes.

The Safe Routes Partnership invites partners and advocates to join a conversation on Twitter to discuss the opportunities and challenges to advancing walking and bicycling and work to increase health, fairness, and opportunity for low-income communities and communities of color.

We want to hear about your experiences and successes advancing equitable active transportation and physical activity, and how your community is working to increase its understanding of the intersection of health, equity, and transportation. 

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