Capacity Building

Parks + Connections, an Opportunity for Stronger Community Engagement in Tucson


mural 1On March 13, 2020, Living Streets Alliance (LSA)staff met with their partners at Pueblo Gardens Elementary to pick a date for a block painting party that would happen at the end of the year. That would end up being their last in-person meeting before the global COVID pandemic turned our world upside-down.

Success in Cherokee Nation

Cherokee Nation Public Health works with 14 counties in tribal jurisdictions in northeastern Oklahoma. A community transformation grant from the CDC allowed their work to expand into Safe Routes to School roughly five years ago, laid out specifically as an objective in their community work plan. They work with local community coalitions to align their work plans, keeping Safe Routes to School part of the conversation at all levels where they are involved. They have also been able to introduce SRTS into rural areas that have infrastructure challenges due to access issues.