Decreased Scholastic Achievement in Overweight Middle School Students

This study investigates the relationship between scholastic achievement and weight status among 6th and 7th grade students.

  • Grade point average, nationally standardized reading scores, school detentions, school suspensions, school attendance, tardiness to school, physical fitness scores, and participation on school athletic teams were compared among nonoverweight, at risk for overweight, and overweight students.
  • GPA’s of nonoverweight students were ~ 11% higher than those of the overweight students.
  • Overweight students were five times more likely to have 6 or more detentions then nonoverweight students.
  • Nonoverweight students had 25% fewer absences and 39% fewer days tardy to school relative to overweight students.
  • This study suggests that body mass index is an important indicator of scholastic achievement, attendance, behavior, and physical fitness among middle school students, reiterating the need for healthy lifestyle intervention and prevention measures.

Shore, Stuart M., Sachs, Michael L., Lidicker, Jeffrey R., Brett, Stephanie N., Wright, Adam R. and Libonati, Joseph R. “Decreased Scholastic Achievement in Overweight Middle School Students.” Obesity. 16 (2008): 1535-1538.

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