Public Awareness of and Support for Infrastructure Changes Designed to Increase Walking and Biking in Los Angeles County

Registered voters demonstrated support for walking and biking, expressing an interest in investing more funding in active communities in this study in Los Angeles County.


  • The majority of participants reported walking, biking, and bus/rail transportation investments as being important, with walking seen as most important (98% of respondents ranked it as "somewhat” or “very important”).
  • Respondents reported a high level of support for redirecting transportation funds to active transportation investment (population average between “somewhat” and “strongly support”).
  • Those who biked more than 121 minutes in the past week had significantly higher levels of support for redirected transportation funding compared to those who did not bike at all, but the level of support did not vary by amount of walking.


Data was analyzed from 915 15-minute surveys through in-person and telephone interviews of random sample of registered voters in Los Angeles County, CA.

Gase, L.N., Barragan, N.C., Simon, P.A., Jackson, R.J., & Kuo, T. (2015). Public awareness of and support for infrastructure changes designed to increase walking and biking in Los Angeles County. Preventive Medicine, 72 (2015), 70-75.

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