Survey on Superintendents of Shared Use

The purpose of this survey is to understand the extent to which school facilities are being used for community use during non-school hours and identify the benefits and barriers of sharing school facilities in the state of Iowa through a survey to Superintendents.

Information from this survey will be used to help interested schools share their facilities with the community after school hours. No individual school’s data will be reported publically.

“Shared use” is the practice of allowing use of school facilities by community members for recreation or another purpose of importance to the community.  It can take place through a formal or informal agreement between a school district or school and a government or non‐ governmental entity that defines the roles, responsibilities, terms and conditions for the shared use of a school-owned facility.  Shared use may also take place through a policy enacted by a school or a higher governing body that opens school facilities for use by government or non-governmental entities or the public.

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