SoCal News: SCAG Keeps Moving on Connect SoCal Without Necessary Changes

You may recall that in May we joined with partners to successfully ask the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) to delay approval of Connect SoCal, the regional transportation plan, to allow for considering adjustments needed due to the pandemic. That 120-day pause is now over, and we are disappointed that SCAG has made only minimal changes to Connect SoCal. We and others provided significant input during the 120-day period, asking for greater investments in walking, biking, and transit to facilitate people’s access to essential destinations and to account for financial losses by transit providers during this time. Unfortunately, SCAG has proposed moving forward without making any significant changes to Connect SoCal. We have again joined with partners to ask SCAG not to adopt the plan at this time and to amend it to focus more on emergency preparedness, resilience, active transportation, and transit access to essential destinations.


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