Two Ballot Measures for Your Consideration

We urge everyone to vote! There are two ballot measures up for consideration in California this year that we wanted to call your attention to. We urge you to vote yes on:

  • Proposition 16: This measure would restore affirmative action in California by repealing Proposition 209, the 1996 measure that banned affirmative action. The Safe Routes Partnership is committed to racial justice in all its forms. This summer’s Black Lives Matter protests and the killings of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Dijon Kizzee are just the latest examples of the stark inequities facing Black Americans. Reinstituting affirmative action is a critical step towards removing the structural racism and disadvantages facing communities and individuals of color.
  • Proposition 21: It would allow local governments to enact rent control on any units in their jurisdiction that were first occupied at least fifteen years ago. Since the Costa-Hawkins law passed in 1995, rent control has been banned statewide on any units built since that year, or in some cases (such as Los Angeles) since the 1970s. Given the waves of displacement that have swept the state over the last decade, we must do everything we can to keep families in their homes.

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