ATP Cycle 6 Series: Changes in the ATP Guidelines - Applications and Scoring in Cycle 6

The Safe Routes Partnership is pleased to announce the third and final in the ATP Cycle 6 series of webinars focused on California’s Active Transportation Program: Changes in the ATP Guidelines, Applications and Scoring in Cycle 6. 

The webinar will be held on April 20 at 2pm PST.

While the first two webinars focused on applying to create a plan and enhancing the sustainability of non-infrastructure programs, this webinar will be more factual. Aimed at agencies that have applied in previous cycles, this webinar will go over changes that Cycle 6 applicants should be on the lookout for: What questions have changed, how many points is each question worth now, and what is the updated guidance to evaluators in how to score them? How has the Quick Build pilot program been modified from its first iteration in Cycle 5? What changes in eligibility have been instituted and how have the thresholds for application types moved? 

Please join Jonathan Matz, California Senior Policy Manager; Beverley Newman-Burckhard,  Assistant Deputy Director, California Transportation Commission; and Elika Changizi, on Wednesday, April 20 at 2 pm.


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Elika Changizi is a Program Analyst who works under the California Transportation Commission's Active Transportation Program and is also the lead on the Aeronautics Program. She has been with the Commission for approximately 3 years and has also worked under the Local Streets and Roads Program. Elika holds a Bachelor's of Science in Textiles & Clothing with an emphasis on Marketing and Economics from the University of California, Davis. Elika enjoys spending time outdoors and reading on her free time.


Beverley Newman-Burckhard joined the California Transportation Commission (CTC) as the Assistant Deputy Director for the Active Transportation Program in May 2020. Before coming to the CTC, she worked in health care policy and financing at the California Department of Health Care Services. She also has experience working for global development, public health, and environmental non-profit organizations. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Arabic and a Master of Science in International Development, both from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Beverley is an avid cyclist and bike commuter.



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