Shared Use Resolution

Shared use is an effective strategy to make school playgrounds, parks, gymnasiums, and other physical activity facilities open to the public beyond their normal hours so the community can use these spaces to be active. Shared use can also help increase access to healthy and nutritious food through school and community gardens.

The Safe Routes Partnership is committed to advancing shared use strategies in local communities across the country and at the national level. Your organization can support this work by signing on to the following resolution. With support of organizations like yours, we can encourage and foster state and local policies and partnerships to take action to address health inequities and make sure that all Americans have access to healthy, active spaces.

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WHEREAS, a significant number of Americans fail to meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's recommendations for daily physical activity, including 53 percent of all adolescents;

WHEREAS, a lack of physical activity is an important underlying health risk for non-communicable disease (NCD) and is associated with reduced worker performance;

WHEREAS, our communities are  not built to support  health, and as a  result obesity is the one of the biggest drivers of preventable chronic diseases and healthcare costs in the United States;

WHEREAS, inadequate access to physical activity opportunities has played a significant role in rising diabetes rates and cardiovascular disease;

WHEREAS, a growing body of evidence shows that children who are physically active are better learners;

WHEREAS, access to nearby physical activity opportunities leads to increased rates of physical activity;

WHEREAS, there is growing consensus among public agencies and community organizations that shared use of facilities and related programs can improve public health and mental health, and preserve or maximize scarce and valuable public funds;

WHEREAS, shared use can be a strategy to address health inequities;

WHEREAS, shared use incentives and funding can assist with increased implementation at the local level;

WHEREAS, multiple sectors can play a key role in encouraging shared use practices; including parks and recreation departments, faith-based and spiritual organizations, school resource officers, superintendents, school boards, principals, planning departments, and policy makers;

WHEREAS,  parks and recreation departments, faith-based and spiritual organizations, school resource officers, superintendents, school boards, principals, planning departments, and policy makers all have roles in supporting shared use practices; 

WHEREAS, identifying shared use opportunities among school districts, public agencies,  and community organizations can help in the long-term planning for and development of capital facilities and related programs;

WHEREAS, co-location or smart-siting of community assets such as parks, libraries, schools and other community assets provide opportunities for shared use practices; and

WHEREAS, school siting considerations offer an opportunity for community centered schools and increased opportunities for shared use practices.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the undersigned support and promote shared use as a good way to improve health for Americans;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the undersigned support the need to take action based upon the statements in this resolution;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the undersigned encourage state, regional, and local affiliates, members, and stakeholders to support efforts to maximize community assets and encourage access to physical activity opportunities  and healthy and nutritious food access through shared use practices and policy adoption; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the undersigned support the adoption at the federal, state, or regional level of policies that would provide incentives for school districts and local governments to encourage greater access to physical activity and healthy communities through shared use, such as policies that would provide financial awards or incentives to communities for shared use initiatives, as well as state technical assistance to interested communities.


Active Living Research
Alliance for a Healthier Generation
American Association of School Administrators
American Heart Association
Arkansas Joint Use Agreement Program
Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum
Boys and Girls Clubs of America
ChangeLab Solutions
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Joint Use Task Force
Children and Nature Network
County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation
FAME Corporations
Funder's Collaborative on Youth Organizing 
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health
National AfterSchool Association
National Association of School Nurses
National Association of School Resource Officers
National League of Cities
National Recreation and Parks Assocation
New York State Association of School Nurses (NYSASN)
Ohio Department of Health
Prevention Institute
Public Health Law Center
Safe Routes Partnership
Salud America 
Tennessee Parks and Recreation Association
West Liberty University


Debi Blank, National Association of School Nurses
Howard Cohen
Tricia Neuser, Rice Lake Area School District
Anne Regan, Worcester Preparatory School
Jane Stuber, JJ Daniell Middle School
Irma Yepez-Perez, City of Fresno Parks, After School, Recreation and Community Services 

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