Oregon Convenes Autonomous Vehicle Task Force

The Oregon Legislature passed HB 4063 earlier this year, which establishes a Task Force on Autonomous Vehicles, and names the Oregon Department of Transportation as the lead agency responsible for coordination on automated vehicle policy. HB 4063 specifies qualifications for the 31 task force members. 29 of those 31 slots have been filled, with the two Senate appointees still pending.

The Task Force on Autonomous Vehicles held its first meeting in Salem on April 18th. Between now and September 15th, the task force will need to create a recommended framework for autonomous vehicle policy in Oregon, which is not currently addressed in state law. We can expect to see the formation of four subcommittees to explore the following issues in more depth: 1) Licensing & Registration; 2) Law Enforcement & Crash Reporting; 3) Insurance & Liability; 4) Cybersecurity & Long-term Policy.

While an active transportation advocate is not included in the task force’s membership, we look forward to seeing participation from the Oregon Environmental Council, law enforcement, and others who we expect to prioritize the safety of people who walk and bike.

Read more about the Task Force on Autonomous Vehicles & sign up for updates: http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/Get-Involved/Pages/Task-Force-on-Autonomous-…


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