Vision Zero Advancing in the Mid-Atlantic Region

Vision Zero continues to gain visibility and support in the Mid-Atlantic region, with Montgomery County (MD) and the city of Alexandria (VA) currently developing their Vision Zero action plans. Kudos to these districts, as well as the District of Columbia, for recognizing the need to take decisive action.  The Mid-Atlantic Safe Routes to School Regional Network looks forward to continuing to work with these jurisdictions to address traffic deaths and serious injuries, improve safety, advance transportation equity, promote active transportation and increase transportation safety investments throughout the region.
Are you a Safe Routes to School advocate interested in getting involved in Vision Zero efforts or are interested in pushing for Vision Zero adoption in your community? Then check out our report, Vision Zero and Safe Routes to School: Partners in Safety, which highlights the benefits from closer collaboration between Safe Routes to School and Vision Zero, explains how to get involved, and offers examples of what Safe Routes to School advocates can push for in Vision Zero action plans that would improve safety for children. It is based on the experiences of Safe Routes Partnership staff and advocates working in several major cities, including the Mid-Atlantic region, to support Safe Routes to School funding and active transportation policy—including making connections between Vision Zero and Safe Routes to School. 

If you want to get involved in the effort in Montgomery County, Alexandria, or DC, contact to learn more about the status and who to engage with.

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